In the era of self checkouts and automated systems directing and answering customer questions, Lex Machina continues to bridge the communication gap between their customers and prospects with live agents that hold JDs. This strategy has paid off–our customer support satisfaction score is 98% out of 100%, making Lex Machina the highest-rated product for customer support in the LexisNexis arsenal.

The support satisfaction scoring is calculated through the random selection of customers and prospects who are provided a survey to rate their experiences with customer support, as well as giving them the ability to leave comments on their experiences.

Collected feedback consists of the following:

  • “Wonderful service,” according to a major AmLaw 100 law firm.
  • “It [is] so great to know that there is an agent to help out with the research,” according to another AmLaw 100 firm. They further stated, “when [we] send a request, they answer right away and explain how to run the search, and they send the link; [we’re] so happy the Firm has a subscription to this service, it is the best!”
  • “[We] appreciate the level of support [we] receive from Lex Machina,” according to another AmLaw 100 firm. “[We] can always count on you to give excellent answers and explanations as to how to find the answers in the future,” they further stated.

Customer questions range in complexity; for example, one customer asked a simple question, “How does Lex Machina code case resolutions like claimant wins?” While other customers asked more complex questions such as, “I am looking for cases against Marriott International Inc. involving Privacy claims or TCPA . . . What would be the best way to search for this?” or “I need a list of District Court cases in which my firm represented the Associated Press in copyright cases . . . Can you assist me with constructing a search?”

Without a doubt, whether customers or prospects have a simple or complicated question, they will be handled with great care by customer support as indicated by our customer support satisfaction score. For additional information about Lex Machina, please contact customer support at or (888) 434- 3282, as well as via our live chat, featured within the product.