What’s Different

The Insight Gap

Traditional legal research tools focus on simple data extraction, but they don’t do the difficult work to clean and structure their data. Limited to answering legal research questions, traditional tools end up presenting you with a list of cases that makes it hard to glean insightful information, unless you drill into each and every case. Lex Machina goes further—much further.

Clean Data

When we started Lex Machina, our goal was to bring lawyering back to its roots, with facts on which to base opinions. We started by compiling an unparalleled database of legal information that enables our customers to make smart comparisons and laid the foundation for our platform. Our unique Lexpressions engine crawls millions of pages of messy, unstructured, litigation dockets and documents every day, and then uses Natural Language Processing and Machine Learning to clean, tag, and structure the data. Our Attorney Data Engine fixes and enriches the unreliable attorney litigation data provided by PACER. With Lex Machina you can be confident that you are not missing any information.

Legal Analytics

Leveraging the latest advances in computer science, together with in-house legal expertise, Lex Machina combines data and software into a new platform that places unprecedented strategic insight at your fingertips. We created a new category, called Legal AnalyticsAs opposed to legal research, Legal Analytics provides you the critical strategic information you need to craft successful legal strategy and gain a winning edge in the highly competitive business and practice of law.

Custom Insights

With Custom Insights we are taking Legal Analytics to the next level. Custom Insights help attorneys surface strategic information from only those cases or motions they care about, quickly and easily.  Where other tools present users with predefined charts and tables, Lex Machina’s Custom Insights set you free to find data-driven answers to your strategic questions, and craft winning litigation strategy.

Case List Analyzer puts you in the driver’s seat, enabling you to select cases based on specific criteria and filter those results by case type, date range, court, judge, patent findings, and more. Motion Metrics identifies the docket events and documents connected to a specific motion, and provides you Custom Insights into all activity that led to a court’s grant or denial of that motion. With one click you can analyze trends and gain actionable insights across the data that is relevant to your strategic question.

Our groundbreaking Legal Analytics Apps are designed to provide you faster and easier access to Legal Analytics. They deliver instant answers to strategic questions. With one click you can analyze trends and gain actionable insights across the data that is relevant to your strategic question.

See in 3 minutes how Lex Machina reads, cleans, structures, and tags messy legal data before it gets entered into our Legal Analytics platform.

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“If I was at Google today, I would be using the type of data Lex Machina can deliver to select and manage outside counsel, and I would want all my outside law firms to be using it.”

Former Deputy GC, Google