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Litigation Finance: Assessing Litigation Risk and Case Value with Legal Analytics

Webcast: July 16, 2020

Litigation Finance: Assessing Litigation Risk and Case Value with Legal Analytics

Learn why Legal Analytics is the key to investing in the right cases.

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Lex Machina's New Entrerprise Package

Webcast: July 30

Lex Machina’s New Enterprise Package

Learn how you can get the most comprehensive federal district court coverage ever offered.

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Product Liability Litigation Report

Report Webcast

Product Liability Litigation Report

Legal experts discuss the federal product liability litigation trends from the new 2020 report and offer insights about judges, parties, lawyers and law firms.

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Is It Malpractice To Not Use Legal Analytics?

Recent results from the Legal Analytics Survey by LexisNexis suggests
if the answer is not already yes, it’s getting darn close to it.

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The Lex Machina Difference

Analytics are only valuable as long as the underlying data is relevant, complete, and accurate. Using a unique combination of machine learning, natural language processing, and human expert review, Lex Machina reads, tags, corrects, and updates litigation data every day. Our Attorney Data Engine fixes typos, errors, and omissions in court dockets and documents. Practice-specific tags and filters enable you to quickly find cases like yours.

The result? Highly valuable insights on case timing, resolutions, remedies, findings and damages that help you win. Learn More.

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