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How to Find New Clients With Legal Analytics

Webcast: Feb 11

How to Find New Clients With Legal Analytics

See how Legal Analytics can help you gain actionable insights to find and explore the most lucrative business opportunities.

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Blog Post

Blog Post

Lex Machina Achieves Complete Coverage of all New York City Counties

These five New York City counties are key courts for civil cases involving contracts, torts, tax, and commercial matters.

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COVID-19 Impact Analyzer App


COVID-19 Impact Analyzer App

Analyze the impact of COVID-19 on the federal legal system with our new COVID-19 Impact Analyzer App. See the effect on case filings and court behavior over time.

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  • The most accurate and valuable data, compiled, cleaned, and enhanced by an exclusive combination of machine learning and in-house legal experts.

  • Unique practice-specific filters and tags help you find cases like yours to produce valuable strategic insights.

  • Our Attorney Data Engine supplements and corrects counsel data, producing an accurate record of the appearances of your lawyers and your opponents.

  • Customizable Case List Analyzer enables you to find and analyze cases that are just like yours.

  • The only Legal Analytics Apps for comparing judges, parties, law firms, creating winning motions, exploring damages, or expert witnesses.

  • Easy to use and gets results with just a few clicks that otherwise could take days or weeks to compile.

The result? Highly valuable insights on case timing, resolutions, remedies, findings and damages that help you win.

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