Attorney Data Engine

Docket Records are Not Perfect

Court docketing systems were set up to create a court record — unfortunately, they weren’t set up to provide clean and accurate data. Both PACER and state court dockets rely on imperfect court records and therefore contain a myriad of misspellings and omitted information regarding case types, judges, law firms, and attorneys. Many of the documents filed are erroneously missing the attorneys or law firms that worked on the case. In addition, PACER often omits lawyers who are admitted to cases pro hac vice.

Lex Machina Fixes and Enhances Docket Data

Lex Machina’s exclusive Attorney Data Engine introduces new breakthrough technology that dramatically enhances attorney data from PACER and state court dockets. With Lex Machina, you can now correctly identify the attorneys associated with their cases and the specific roles they played.

How It Works

Signature Block Analysis
The Attorney Data Engine extracts attorney data directly from the signature blocks on millions of documents to identify the attorneys associated with each case, as well as the roles they played.

Pro Hac Vice
Lex Machina identifies and adds pro hac vice attorneys, whose names would otherwise be missing on their cases.

Historic Snapshots
Lex Machina’s platform stores daily snapshots of docket data, including the firm an attorney worked at while associated with a case at that particular time. That’s how Attorney Data Engine ensures cases are correctly attributed to the law firm and attorneys that worked on it, regardless of later lateral moves.

Normalizing Counsel Data
Misspelled names and organizational changes can make it hard to even know what to look for when analyzing counsel. Our normalization technology identifies these issues and makes sure that your analytics includes all relevant information.

“Lex Machina’s Attorney Data Engine that produces curated counsel listings is very valuable. Now that we know that some districts don’t put all of the lead counsel on the docket, it gives us a competitive edge.”

— Hogan Lovells

How Attorney Data Engine Helps You

Lex Machina’s unique Attorney Data Engine ensures that when you advise your client, you can be sure that you have the most accurate information on your case.

Create Better Pitches

When you are pitching a new client and want to contrast your experience with that of competing counsel, it helps to know if the other lawyer has worked on two similar cases or on seventeen. The Attorney Data Engine makes Lex Machina the best source for accurate and complete attorney data.

Get Credit for Your Work

When an attorney who has worked on a case joins a new law firm, PACER often credits this new firm with the associate’s prior work, even if the firm has never represented the attorney’s previous clients. Attorney Data Engine fixes these issues and paints the most accurate picture of attorney and firm experience.

Know Who You’re Up Against

When you are assessing your opposing counsel in litigation, you will want to know if you are up against a novice or a veteran before your judge. The Attorney Data Engine will help ensure you are not missing critical information.