How We’re Different

Since Lex Machina created Legal Analytics over ten years ago, a number of established legal publishers have released tools they call litigation analytics. Most of these take available court data at face value and present this information as graphs and charts, without doing the heavy lifting of reading, cleaning, and categorizing, or fixing the many errors the raw litigation data contains.

In contrast, Lex Machina is focused on a singular mission: to bring Legal Analytics to all areas of the law. We are not only the leading litigation analytics platform — we are the only analytics provider that can give you the depth, detail, and nuance of information you need to succeed in your business.

Here are the steps we take to ensure that our legal data is the best in the industry:

Step 1: Machine Learning

Lex Machina employs Lexpressions®, a unique, patented approach that includes natural language processing and machine learning to enhance our litigation data. Our cutting-edge technology is the first step in gathering raw information, reading and analyzing each court document, correcting erroneous data, and supplementing the missing data.

Our exclusive Attorney Data Engine™ and Signature Block Analyzer updates and adds the correct law firms and attorneys to all the cases they worked on, even if they don’t appear on the face of the docket sheet.

Step 2. Attorney Review

But Lex Machina goes further – much further. To be completely confident in our Legal Analytics, we supplement our technology with a second step of human attorney review. This allows us to provide unique Outcome Analytics™ based on important orders, such as findings of patent infringement at summary judgment or restraint of trade findings at trial.

Lex Machina’s data team members contribute their specific practice-area expertise and honed understanding of nuanced legal language to ensure that cases are interpreted and processed accurately. We understand that accuracy is paramount in the legal profession, so every single Lex Machina employee who reviews cases has a legal background. With our industry-leading process, you can be confident you’re using the most accurate and complete information.

Step 3: Unmatched Insights

After Lex Machina has used technology and attorney review to clean, tag, code, enhance, and present the resulting data, it’s easy to arrive at valuable insights and grasp trends that are relevant to the legal matter you’re working on. We deliver comprehensive analytics for entities like judges, counsel, and parties, and high-value datasets such as case resolutions, findings, remedies, and damages. Some of the unique capabilities that make Lex Machina the favorite tool of successful litigators are our Outcome Analytics™, Case List Analyzer™, Attorney Data Engine™, and Quick Tools.

Legal Analytics provides you the critical strategic insights you need to craft successful legal strategy and gain a winning edge in the highly competitive business and practice of law.

See in 3 minutes how Lex Machina reads, cleans, structures, and tags messy legal data before it gets entered into our Legal Analytics platform.

“If I was at Google today, I would be using the type of data Lex Machina can deliver to select and manage outside counsel, and I would want all my outside law firms to be using it.”

Former Deputy GC, Google