Lex Machina API

Lex Machina has spent years building the most comprehensive and accurate litigation dataset in the legal industry. Now you can directly access that data through our new Application Programming Interface (API). With the API, you can create your own applications to show the insights most relevant to your practice, and easily deliver them to your clients or attorneys wherever they need it. 

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What Can The API Do For You?

Lex Machina’s API provides direct access to all of our underlying data, allowing you to quickly leverage the most accurate litigation data in the industry to create your own solutions.

Optimize Productivity

Optimize productivity by combining Lex Machina’s litigation data with your internal systems, CRM products, or matter management tools.

Create New Datasets

Leverage Lex Machina’s superior Legal Analytics to create new datasets, predictive models, or even entirely new products based on the litigation parameters you care about most.

Customize Alerts

Lex Machina’s API lets you build customized alerts to monitor activity based on the parameters you choose. You can quickly be alerted to any development that impacts your firm or clients.

Enhance Workflow

Enhance your team’s workflow by integrating Lex Machina widgets directly into your portals or dashboards for maximum efficiency.

A True Partnership

The Lex Machina API is a gateway to integration and customization. We’re applying the same rigorous level of care we use with our data to help you implement the API. If you adopt the Lex Machina API, you’ll be working with:

  • Excellent API documentation with explanations in plain English
  • A developer advocate team to help with technical implementation
  • Formal and informal workshops and panel discussions
  • Transparency about our API Product Roadmap and API usage metrics

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Lex Machina API

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