Legal Analytics for State Courts

The majority of litigation occurs in state courts across the country. With Legal Analytics for state courts, practitioners can gain a whole new understanding of state court trends and activity. Lex Machina’s state court analytics are built using documents which ensures that our data is comprehensive, accurate, and transparent.

Each court includes:

  • Timing analytics, trial resolutions, trial damages, and trial rulings
  • Keyword searching within docket entry text and downloaded documents
  • Analytics across all state courts or in one particular court
  • Court-specific filters, such as case types and case tags

Note: Some counties cover more than one court in the same county.

State Motion Metrics

Lex Machina provides invaluable insights into the motions filed in an ever-expanding collection of our state courts. Our state motion metrics facilitates crucial understanding of the timing, outcomes, and grant rates associated with a wide variety of motion types for the judges in these courts. Learn more.