Legal Analytics Platform

Leveraging the latest advances in computer science, together with our in-house legal expertise, Lex Machina has created a unique Legal Analytics Platform that enables you to craft successful strategies, win cases, and close business. Our Legal Analytics® Platform is delivered via on-demand subscription.

Analyze Courts and Judges

Would you like to know how Judge Sleet will likely respond to a motion to transfer? Use our Motion Metrics Report to view grant/deny rates. See how a specific judge compares to the national average.  Click the hyperlinks in the chart to further explore the underlying motion-order chains. With Lex Machina, you can easily view:

  • How likely is a judge to grant or deny a specific motion?
  • How long do cases take to get to a grant of a permanent injunction, to trial, or to termination before a judge?
  • How likely is a judge to find infringement of a patent, fair use of a trademark, or a Securities Act violation?

Motion Chains surface the relationships between motions, responses, replies, surreplies, and orders; and display order outcomes (grant vs. denied vs. partial grant-deny), time to order, which party filed, and the case.

Timing analytics will help you find answers to these other questions: “How long will it take for my Trademark case to go to trial before Judge Collins?” This can help with setting your litigation budget.

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Size Up Opposing Counsel

Whether you are working on a pitch or assessing a new matter, Lex Machina enables you to quickly uncover crucial insights on the litigation experience of your opposing counsel – law firm or attorney – and to start formulating potential strategies. Within minutes, you can analyze:

  • Your opposing counsel’s experience before specific judges and courts,
  • Your opposing counsel’s client list
  • Which law firms have the most experience against opposing counsel

Quickly view your opposing counsel’s clients, status as plaintiff/defendant/counterclaimant, and case count with the Client List tab. If you want to see which law firms have the most experience being adverse to your opposing counsel, our Law Firms Report tells you which firms have the most experience going up against opposing counsel.

Evaluate Parties In Your Matter

Within minutes, you can analyze a party’s experience before specific judges and courts, find the timing from filing to key events in cases involving them, and view damages awarded in your type of case. This helps you quickly determine where the party tends to file suit, how many lawsuits they have been involved in, their experience before a specific judge, whether to consider a transfer of venue, and how long it may take to litigate your case.

The Party Group Editor helps you build a group of parties and then analyze their cases.

Case Damages analytics summarize information about damages awards in patent, trademark, copyright and securities cases involving the party group.

Craft Winning Case Strategy

Would you like to compare two law firms to see whose cases terminated faster? Or, do you want to know whether a party has ever been involved in cases with big damages? Case List Analyzer provides you charts and graphs on every case list page, to help you uncover strategic information and visualize trends—without having to drill down into each and every case. Gain Custom Insights on how to approach a case, learn more about the players, or how to defend against legal action.

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