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Lex Machina is a double bottom-line venture. We exist to do well – and to do good.

law-professorIt’s in our corporate DNA. When Lex Machina emerged from Stanford, we brought with us a commitment to help bring openness and transparency to IP law. That’s why we provide free access to our platform to certain university and college faculty staff and students, directly engaged in research on, or study of, intellectual property law and policy.

A public interest user account may only be used for public interest purposes. That means no compensated or uncompensated use on behalf of a company, law firm, consultancy or other for-profit organization. For example, a law school professor who is also in private practice may only use his/her public interest account for academic purposes, not for any private practice purpose. Academics and students must have a “.edu” email account.

To enable public interest users to make best use of Lex Machina, we require prospective new users to attend an online training prior to receiving a user account. If you qualify and you’re interested, sign up here

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