Future of Law Podcasts

The Future of Law is a live panel webcast series. During each webcast, Lex Machina and our guest speakers will dive into a topic related to how technology is influencing litigation.


Competitive Intelligence with Legal Analytics – 04

Solid competitive intelligence is a key ingredient of success, whether you are pitching a new client, or an existing client on a new matter, setting case strategy, or walking into a settlement meeting.

During this 30 minute podcast, our speakers discuss how Legal Analytics enables you to analyze the history and behavior of your clients, prospects, and competitive counsel, at the firm and at the individual attorney level.

Judge Analytics: Predicting The Behavior of the Courtroom’s Boss – 03

During this 35-minute podcast Mark Lemley, Professor at Stanford Law School, Josh Curry, Partner at Dentons, and our CEO Josh Becker discuss how Legal Analytics helps you predict your judge’s behavior, based on data from all dockets from prior cases: time to termination/trial/other case milestones, transfer rates, case resolutions, damages, remedies, findings, and more.

Winning New Business with Legal Analytics – 02

During this 30-minute podcast Naveen Modi, Global Vice Chair of IP at Paul Hastings, Richard Baer, Chief Legal Officer at Liberty Media, and Josh Becker, CEO at Lex Machina discuss what corporate counsel are looking for and how to differentiate yourself from other firms with easy to access, detailed litigation and outcomes data. See how actionable insights can make it easy for you to create a winning pitch deck in minutes.

Technology Innovations that are influencing the Business and Practice of Litigation – 01

During this 45-minute podcast you will hear from experts, Roland Vogl, the co-founder of Stanford Law’s CodeX program, Monica Bay, former editor-in-chief of ALM’s Law Technology News, and Josh Becker, the CEO of Lex Machina and creator of Legal Analytics, discuss the impact of technology on the business and practice of litigation.