How Law Firms Can Win With Lex Machina

What’s the biggest challenge facing attorneys in private practice today?

Competition. Competition to win the client. Competition to provide the most effective—and cost effective—legal services. Competition against opposing counsel, to win the case or close a favorable deal for your client. Competition to build and sustain a successful career. Lex Machina’s Legal Analytics helps you increase the odds of winning in such a competitive environment, by landing more clients and winning more cases.


Find New Clients
Know your Target Client
Know your competitors
Win Pitches with Data
Price Competitively
Understand your judge or court
Find insights on opposing counsel
Find insights on opposing parties
Craft winning motion strategy
Navigate dockets and documents efficiently

Learn in 4 minutes how Lex Machina turns litigation data into actionable insights to win more business and win more cases.

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Win More Business

The competitive advantage begins with marketing and business development. Law firms use Lex Machina’s Outcome Analytics™ to quantify their relevant experience, compare it with their competitors and quickly assemble winning pitch decks. They use it to demonstrate specific subject matter expertise, familiarity with opposing parties and counsel, experience in front of a specific judge and available bandwidth.

Case Resolution screen
Motion metrics report screen

Win More Lawsuits

Legal Analytics reveals meaningful patterns in data about prior litigation.

  • Need to persuade a judge to grant a transfer of venue in litigation? See what trends emerge from all her transfer orders in prior cases.
  • Need to predict how long a case will last? Lex Machina provides Outcome Analytics about time to trial and time to termination for every federal judge.
  • Need competitive intelligence about opposing counsel? Client lists, total open cases, relevant experience and other data is now just a mouse-click away.

“I use Lex Machina for every case. It’s such a great resource.”

John Johnson, Partner, Fish & Richardson

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