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The Future of Law

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  • Winning New Business with Legal Analytics

    During this 30-minute recorded panel discussion you will hear what corporate counsel are looking for and how to differentiate yourself from other firms with easy to access, detailed litigation and outcomes data. See how actionable insights can make it easy for you to create a winning pitch deck in minutes.

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  • Judge Analytics: Predicting The Behavior of the Courtroom’s Boss

    View this 35-minute webcast, where Mark Lemley, Professor at Stanford Law School, Josh Curry, Partner at Dentons, and our CEO Josh Becker discuss how Legal Analytics helps you predict your judge’s behavior, based on data from all dockets from prior cases: time to termination/trial/other case milestones, transfer rates, case resolutions, damages, remedies, findings, and more.

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Legal Analytics

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  • How Legal Analytics Can Help You Win

    Watch this exciting webcast to learn how applying big data to law created a new category of tools called Legal Analytics, which can help you craft successful IP strategy, win cases, and close business.
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  • New Legal Analytics Apps Launch

    View the launch of two new Legal Analytics apps. This webcast recording takes you through a demonstration of the Damages Explorer and Parties Comparator apps and how they can accelerate your path to critical legal insights.

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  • The Impact of Analytics in Legal Practice

    View this webcast from the two industry leading companies: Lex Machina and Ravel Law. Hear Ralph Baxter, Daniel Lewis, and Owen Byrd provide perspective on how law firms are changing and adapting, the impact that analytics can play in legal practice, and how executives can push for analytics budgets within firms.

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  • Patent Litigation Damages Awards

    Damages awards in district court patent cases continue to skyrocket – and not just in headline-grabbing cases. In 2013, average awards increased 28% and median awards increased 22% from 2012. Watch this panel discussion that marks the release of a special report on trends in damages awards.
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  • wc-insights
  • Custom Insights for IP Litigation

    Preview the new release of our Legal Analytics platform. Scott Hauser, Karl Harris, and Owen Byrd will discuss how Custom Insights delivers new capabilities that change the business and practice of law.
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  • Legal Analytics for PTAB

    With Lex Machina you already have District Court and ITC data at your fingertips. But now we also provide you every single PTAB document and exhibit downloaded, indexed, and categorized. View the recording of an engaging launch webcast, where our experts introduce Lex Machina’s new PTAB functionality.

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  • wc-trademark
  • Launching: Legal Analytics for Trademark & Copyright

    You may already have seen Lex Machina’s Legal Analytics for patent cases. Now, the same strategic insights about outcomes, damages, findings, motions, and more, will be available in our new Copyright and Trademark offering. Watch this webcast, covering the release of our new Legal Analytics for Copyright and Trademark.

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  • wc-ptab-report
  • New 2015 PTAB Report

    From the first petition in September 2012, all the way through the end of December 2015, this report provides unprecedented insight into what is happening at PTAB. Join Amy Simpson, from Perkins Coie, Naveen Modi from Paul Hastings, and Owen Byrd from Lex Machina, who discuss the findings during this 30 minute webcast recording.

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  • New Legal Analytics for PTAB

    Watch this launch video of our new PTAB functionality. Uncover detailed, claims-level findings about institution, settlement, disclaimer, and ultimate patentability. Gain strategic insights about parties, judges, law firms, attorneys, patents, and arguments involved in your PTAB cases.

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  • wc-anda2015
  • 2015 ANDA Litigation Report

    View the release of our new 2015 ANDA Litigation Report. Jeff Gargano, Partner McDermott and Owen Byrd, GC Lex Machina will discuss our latest report on ANDA litigation and how you can leverage Legal Analytics to make data-driven decisions about Hatch-Waxman case strategy and tactics.

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  • wc-comparator-apps
  • Comparator Apps Launch

    Meet the newest additions to Legal Analytics Apps. This webcast will take you through a live demonstration of two exciting new apps that will accelerate your path to critical legal insights.

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  • wc-antitrust
  • Launching Legal Analytics for Antitrust

    Lex Machina has rolled out Legal Analytics for Antitrust Litigation. This 30-minute webcast recording demonstrates the value of having quantified insights in district court judges, opposing parties, and opposing counsel for antitrust litigation and how these insights can lead to a competitive advantage in your legal practice.

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