Lex Machina Coverage

Lex Machina’s mission is to bring Legal Analytics to all areas of the law. Our court and practice area coverage is quickly expanding. We offer Legal Analytics in the following areas:

Litigation Footprint

Litigation Footprint encompasses Legal Analytics on litigation track records of parties in over 27 million cases filed in 94 federal district courts and over 1,300 state courts in 34 states and the District of Columbia, built on the best coverage of electronically available courts. This data includes Lex Machina’s complete coverage of federal district courts and enhanced state court coverage, along with new expanded basic state court coverage, together constituting the broadest Legal Analytics coverage available.

Litigation Footprint enables users to:

  • Unlock a trove of visual insights into the litigation landscape
  • Product side-by-side comparisons of case data from federal and state courts
  • Access visually stunning analytics and comprehensive reports
  • Map the litigation history and track records of the parties most relevant to the immediate case or business
  • Understand the complicated relationships, trends, and insights of litigation parties

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Federal District Court Analytics

Our database includes all commercially relevant federal civil district court cases pending 2009 or later.

Federal District Court Analytics allow users to:

  • Analyze the complete set of federal district court cases for any judge, law firm, attorney, or party
  • Investigate trends in cases like yours by filtering to practice-area specific insights
  • Find any federal district court case and access up-to-date docket activity
  • Conduct keyword searches across all federal district court dockets and downloaded documents
  • View motion grant/denial rates for a judge’s entire docket

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Federal Appellate Analytics

Our federal appellate dataset includes all civil cases, docket entries, and key documents filed in the 13 circuit courts of appeals since 2012. All federal case outcomes are vetted through final appeal.

Appellate Analytics allow users to:

  • View complete details for findings, remedies, damages, and case resolutions
  • Compare district judge reversal rates against each other and the district court median reversal rate
  • Understand judge, counsel, or party experience in litigating federal appeals
  • Research timing and outcome analytics for all cases in federal appellate courts

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Specialty Venue Analytics

Lex Machina’s specialty venues include PTAB, ITC, USPTO Patent Analytics, and US Federal Bankruptcy Courts. With analytics and filters designed for each venue, users can find useful strategy information quickly and easily.

State Court Analytics

Lex Machina began with the Delaware Court of Chancery and is quickly expanding its state court coverage. Coverage includes all civil courts in the state of Delaware, many California state courts including Los Angeles County Superior Court, county courts for all five boroughs of New York City, and many more. Lex Machina adds its new state court modules on a court-by-court basis, with an emphasis on strict data quality and integrity.

State Court Analytics allow users to:

  • Search by judge, law firm, attorney name, or party
  • Explore timing and outcome analytics including trial resolutions, trial damages, and trial rulings
  • Analyze motion grant rates and outcomes with State Motion Metrics
  • Search for keywords within docket entry text and downloaded documents
  • Narrow down to relevant cases using court-specific filters, such as case types and case tags

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