• 2017 First Quarter Litigation Update

    Lex Machina Q1 2017 Litigation Update Patent litigation District Court 938 patent cases were filed in the first quarter of 2017.  This was the lowest per-quarter filings of any quarter since 2011 Q3 (although just barely – there were 963 cases filed in Q1 of 2016).  From last year’s average of 1130 cases per quarter, […]

  • 2016 Fourth Quarter Litigation Update

    Patent Litigation District Court In the final quarter of 2016, plaintiffs filed 1,140 patent cases, bringing the total for 2016 to 4,520 patent cases. The fourth quarter represents a slight increase over the third quarter’s 1,126 cases, but overall litigation in 2016 has declined by a moderate 22% from 2015 (when 5,823 cases were filed). […]

  • $2.54b Damages in Idenix Sets New Record

    Last week on December 15, a jury in the awarded Idenix Pharmaceuticals LLC a record-setting $2.54 billion in damages against Gilead Sciences, Inc. (case no. 1:14-cv-0846 in the District of Delaware).  The amount was based on a reasonable royalty theory (finding a 10% rate on a base of $25.4 billion). This is the largest patent […]

  • Lex Machina’s Random Acts of Kindness Challenge

    In October, Lex Machina wrapped up its annual two-day company retreat. As a running tradition, Owen Byrd, Chief Evangelist & General Counsel, challenged the company with a community kindness outreach project, to make a difference with $100. The members of the Lex Machina team were divided into groups of four with a mission to spend $100 […]

  • Design Patent Litigation Update

    Design Patent Litigation Design patents, the kind at issue in the Apple-Samsung case now before the U.S. Supreme Court, are a small but important part of the patent litigation picture.   Cases involving at least one design patent  (a kind of patent that protect the appearance rather than the functionality of an invention), account for […]

  • 2016 Third Quarter Litigation Trends

    Patent Litigation District Court In the third quarter of 2016, plaintiffs filed 1,127 patent cases.  This total represents an decrease over Q2 (1,289 cases) of 12.6%, but is still higher than the Q1 2016 (960 cases). Looking at the months in the second second quarter more closely (Fig. 2), September (310 cases) was slower than […]

  • Legal Analytics Tour Highlights from the Bay Area and Chicago

    Owen Byrd, Lex Machina’s Chief Evangelist and General Counsel, and the Lex Machina team had a great time speaking with our customers as well as new and old friends at the Bay Area and Chicago Legal Analytics Luncheons this month. During the luncheons, Owen presented trends and insights on patent, copyright, trademark and securities litigation […]