Case List Analyzer

Legal Analytics is a powerful tool that can help you win cases and win business, and one of its greatest strengths is that it allows you to filter and refine the dataset to only those cases and analytics that are most relevant to you and your client.

It’s Hard to Find Cases Like Yours

Often, litigation analytics tools don’t have the ability to narrow their dataset down to the relevant cases that matter, so they end up having to throw all of their data at their customers without refinement. Without the ability to specify and customize, you end up with an overinclusive set of analytics that is irrelevant and inapplicable to your case and your client.

Find Cases Easily with Case List Analyzer

With Lex Machina, case lists are just the beginning. We create Legal Analytics that are tailored to the cases that matter to you. Our Case List Analyzer helps you surface strategic information from only the cases you care about, quickly and easily. You can gain valuable data-driven insights on how to approach a case, learn more about the players, or strategize how to defend against legal action.

How It Works

Case List Analyzer puts you in the driver’s seat, enabling you to select cases based on your specific criteria. With just a couple click, you gain custom insights for your set of cases. Filter your list by case type (i.e., practice area), date range, courts, judges, case resolutions, damages, findings, parties, counsel, and more, to build the case list you care about. Within each practice area, you can refine your analytics further by selecting the types of claims you care about via customized case tags (e.g., under Employment, you can narrow down to cases that involved a discrimination claim, an FLSA claim, or an accommodation claim, amongst many others).

Case List Analyzer provides you charts and graphs on every case list page to help you uncover strategic information and visualize trends, without having to drill down into each and every case. The Summary view includes the types of case filings, the most active courts and judges, the number of open and terminated cases, and more.

“Lex Machina provides us unprecedented insight into the data needed to formulate effective litigation strategies.”

— Liberty Media Corporation

How Case List Analyzer Helps You

Filters and Tags

Lex Machina maintains over 100 practice-area specific case tags and 15 general case tags, all of which are used to filter cases with particular claims or attributes. Cases are tagged based on the actual claims in the pleadings, which is only possible because Lex Machina downloads millions of documents and then uses machine learning technology and human attorney review to identify all relevant claims. This is why Lex Machina’s clients are able to narrow down patent cases to only those that deal with an ANDA dispute, or filter consumer protection cases to only those with a claim under the Fair Credit Reporting Act. This way, you can ensure that the Legal Analytics informing your decisions are the most accurate and relevant to your case.

Tailored Analytics

Case List Analyzer can help you focus on customized insights for different facets of our Legal Analytics:

  • Damages – filter by damages types in any specific practice area and focus on a particular date range of damages awarded.
  • Timing – filter by key litigation events (e.g., trial, termination, summary judgment, dismissal, etc.) and focus on a particular date range of termination.
  • Case Resolutions – filter by different types of case resolution (e.g., claimant win, claim defendant win, likely settlement, procedural) and select any specific key litigation events of interest (e.g., summary judgment, judgment on the pleadings, consent judgment, trial).
  • Case Findings – filter by particular findings in any specific practice area.
  • Remedies – filter by remedy type (permanent injunction, preliminary injunction, temporary restraining order) and focus on cases that were granted or denied at different litigation events (default judgment, consent judgment, judgment on the merits.

Lex Machina helps you filter and refine the case list to focus on the areas of law that matter most to you. By using our practice-area specific filters and tags, you can hone in on the cases and claims you care about, to drive the analytics most relevant to you.

Customization Your Way

With Lex Machina, you can glance at the case list and click on the case name to go right to the relevant case page and docket where you can access the underlying documents. Lex Machina provides customizable columns and exporting, which allows you to take the work we have already done and easily add relevant research or export straight to Excel to continue your work. You can set up personalized individual alerts to monitor new developments in any particular set of cases (e.g., those pertaining to a certain judge, court, party, counsel, or any keyword). All of these customization abilities provide important benefits that differentiate Lex Machina from other litigation analytics providers:

  • Find relevant cases
  • Immediately get insights about those cases
  • Easily explore further to ask more questions, get more insights.

The Case List Analyzer provides the crucial ability to customize, which is essential in order to gain the relevant and accurate data-driven insights that will make a real difference to you, your case, and your client.