Assess Litigation Risk

Whether faced with the prospect of litigation or performing due diligence on a partnership or acquisition, you’ll want fast answers to basic questions. It is strategically advantageous to assess any potential litigation risk without having to wait and pay outside counsel for the information.

Lex Machina helps you learn critical details about parties, counsel, judges, patents, and more with just a few clicks.

My company just got sued – is the plaintiff a credible threat?
Quickly identify high-volume plaintiffs by searching the plaintiff and its counsel.

Do we need outside counsel for this matter?
Leverage our Early Case Assessor to find out more about the plaintiff and the opposing counsel.

What litigation has a potential partner or acquisition target been involved in?
Analyze the litigation history of a company and compare it to other industry players. See how often they went to trial, and whether they prevailed. Assess damages awarded and more.

How likely is the plaintiff to settle vs. taking the case to trial?
View the breakdown of how the plaintiff’s previous cases resolved with our case resolutions filter. Anticipate the plaintiff’s likelihood of settlement based on past track records.

How long is this case going to take?
Use our timing metrics to create a list of cases just like yours and
see the time to case resolution in this venue or before this judge.

Valuate the complete litigation history for an entire portfolio of patents in one report.
Assess the portfolio of a company with our Patent Portfolio Evaluator. Quickly uncover any red flags or liabilities attached to specific patents.

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“This is a game changer.”

– Lora Moffatt, Partner, Crowell and Moring