Track Ongoing Cases

With Lex Machina you can keep track of your litigation activities, law firm performance, and industry peers. Our Comparators help you compare law firms, legal teams, and companies.

How are our current cases doing?
Do you want to keep track of all your litigation efforts? Lex Machina’s Case List Analyzer makes it easy to identify and monitor the progress on all cases that matter to you.

How do we get notified when something changes in one of our cases?
Use Favorites and Alerts to stay on top of new developments in your case or in matters of interest to you. Get notified by email if there are any changes to your docket or the search that you used.

What is the litigation posture of other companies like ours and how do they compare to us?
Are you worried that you’re spending twice as much money as your industry peers on litigation? Lex Machina’s Party Analytics help you to quickly and effectively compare your litigation behavior to that of your peers. See which law firms they use, their caseloads, case timing, case outcomes, and more.

How have our law firms performed across all of our cases?
Do you want to know how your different outside counsel and law firms are performing? Our Law Firms Report can help you analyze your cases to see how each firm is performing for you.

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