Know Your Target Client

Knowing as much as possible about a potential client is critical to winning their business. Lex Machina can give you an advantage by providing you with key insights about a party’s litigation activity.

Let’s say that ABC Corp is looking for counsel on an upcoming case, and they are entertaining bids from your firm along with several others. Here are the ways that Lex Machina can help equip you with a winning edge over the competition with just a few clicks:

Analyze the numbers and types of open cases
ABC Corp is currently party to…

And in which courts

Discover how likely ABC Corp is to settle,
based on their previous settlement history

Compare ABC Corp’s performance to their industry peers in similar litigation

Uncover which firms and attorneys ABC Corp
previously retained in similar cases

See the typical amount of time for ABC Corp’s
cases to be resolved in different ways

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“With Lex Machina … you can quickly find clients with real potential for cross-selling. You can identify them in a party search, analyze their litigation behavior, see who represents them, how the work is spread, and much more.”

– Dr. Chris Mammen, Partner, Womble Bond Dickinson