Know Your Competitors

It has never been easier to get a complete understanding of the competition. Quickly learn everything about the law firm(s) you are up against. Assess a firm’s experience with the venue, judge, and similar parties to identify strategic advantages for yourself.

Let’s say that you’ve identified a prospective client, ABC Corp, and are preparing your pitch. Here are ways Lex Machina enables you to know your competition so you can fine-tune your strategy to win the client:

Generate comprehensive performance data on competing firms or attorneys
Uncover timing metrics, win rates, and damages history at the firm or attorney level.

Identify ABC Corp’s previous counsel in federal and state courts

Run reports comparing you and your competition side-by-side
Quickly identify your areas of strength against competing firms.

And drill down to see the attorney teams assigned to ABC Corp in those cases

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“I cannot see how any outside counsel will be able to compete without Lex Machina.”

– Rich Baer, Chief Legal Officer, Liberty Media Corporation