Craft Winning Motion Strategy

Lex Machina’s motion metrics report allows attorneys to compare detailed motion outcomes and to select the motion strategy with the highest probability of success.

Track Motion Chains
Our technology links together all aspects of the “motion chain” allowing you to immediately see if it was granted or denied, as well as jump to the response, reply, or order, all in one click.

Assess your opponents
With Motion Metrics for parties, you can drill down to see your opponent’s similar previous cases and identify any distinct motion strategies employed.

Motion Grant/Deny rates by Judge or Court
Easily generate motion grant rates by judge or court for cases similar to yours.

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“A district judge I know well, never grants motions for summary judgment. However, I see opposing counsel file motions for summary judgment all the time – if they had Lex Machina, they could save a lot of time and money.”

– Partner, IP Litigation Firm