Find New Clients

The search for new business can be complicated and competitive. With Lex Machina, your firm can cut straight to the most lucrative business opportunities to explore.

Let’s say that your firm is looking to generate new business.  Lex Machina provides multiple ways you can locate new business opportunities and potential clients.

Discover new cases
Identify parties in open litigation across different venues and receive alerts on new open cases.

Are there cross-selling opportunities?
Get a complete view of open cases for a party to identify opportunities.

Track trends in damages
Identify growing trends in cases where large damage awards have been awarded.

Uncover law firm client lists
Identify clients of competing law firms or attorneys.

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“Lex Machina is integral to the way that I identify business development opportunities. It gives me quick and easy-to-understand information regarding a company’s prior litigation history, outside counsel that have represented a company, and the judge’s history of handling similar cases.”

– Stephen Medlock, Partner, Mayer Brown