Understand Your Judge or Court

Lex Machina helps you answer the key questions to best assess the risks and probabilities associated with a judge or court.

How long will it likely take for my case to resolve before this judge or court?
Quickly determine the median time to specific litigation milestones in similar cases before a specific judge or court.

What were the past findings for cases similar to mine before this judge?

How much has my judge awarded in
damages in similar cases?

Find specific damages by case type awarded
by your judge or court.

What’s my judge’s record on granting or denying specific motions?
Easily generate motion grant rates by judge or court for cases similar to yours.

What’s the best venue for my client?
Compare judges and courts side-by-side across key metrics in just a few clicks.

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“When a new case begins, I immediately look up information on the judge, and analyze similar cases. Fish handles more patent litigation than any other firm, and I see all Fish cases on my Lex Machina landing page. Now I can track all my cases with Lex Machina. I keep the product open all the time…A client can call at 11:00 PM and I can respond with meaningful data in minutes, which has helped us be more responsive and communicate better.

– John T. Johnson, Principal, Fish & Richardson