Legal Analytics Apps

Lex Machina’s Legal Analytics Apps combine instant access to analytic insights with ultimate ease of use. They deliver answers for specific use cases, such as comparing courts, judges, or law firms, early case assessment, motion strategy, and patent portfolio evaluation. These unique applications leverage Lex Machina’s Legal Analytics platform and our underlying data modules.

Damages Explorer

Damages Explorer builds on Lex Machina’s Legal Analytics platform to deliver the first-of-its-kind ability to search, discover, and compare individual damages awarded in any case. Analyze instances of damages awarded by a particular judge, in a certain court, and of a certain type, for example, Attorneys Fees in a specific district or Infringement Damages awarded by a particular judge.

Parties Comparator

Parties Comparator allows lawyers to compare parties by different criteria, such as litigation volume, performance, and outcomes. For each party being compared, the application shows damages, remedies and findings won and lost. This app is invaluable for companies to perform peer benchmarking and for law firms to better understand clients and assess prospects.

Courts & Judges Comparator

Courts and Judges Comparator enables attorneys to compare up to four federal districts and judges, to gain critical insights regarding caseloads, timing to key milestones, case resolutions, specific findings, and damages. Plaintiffs’ attorneys can use the app to compare multiple districts prior to filing, to select the one most likely to provide the most favorable outcome in the shortest amount of time. Defense counsel can use the app to make data-driven decisions about whether or not to pursue a transfer of venue and, if so, to which district.

Law Firms Comparator

Law Firms Comparator enables powerful side-by-side comparison of up to four law firms, with instant display of a broad range of case-specific data. It can help in-house counsel compare key factors, like win-rate, previous experience, case timing, and damages history. Outside counsel can easily size up the competition, and business development can find new ways to tout their firm’s success.

Early Case Assessor

Early Case Assessor enables lawyers to quickly assess the threat posed by a new case. Enter the name of the plaintiff and the plaintiff’s law firm, and immediately get an overview of the plaintiff’s litigation history. Did the plaintiff recently file cases against many other defendants like you? Where does the plaintiff typically file suit? How much experience does the law firm have, and what kind of clients do they typically represent?

Motion Kickstarter

Motion Kickstarter makes it easy to draft winning motions by helping attorneys compare the arguments and motion styles that have been successful before a specific judge. Enter a judge’s name and motion type, and instantly view the judge’s recent orders on that motion type, as well as the briefing that led up to those orders. Compare granted motions with denied motions to see what’s working and what’s not.

Patent Portfolio Evaluator

Patent Portfolio Evaluator gives attorneys the complete litigation history for an entire patent portfolio in one report. See the District Court, PTAB, and ITC cases in which each patent has been litigated. Examine any damages awarded or findings of infringement, invalidity, or unenforceability. Quickly determine whether each patent has been battle-tested by extensive litigation, and understand the results of that litigation.

Legal Analytics Apps

Legal Analytics Apps

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