Lex Machina Launches Enhanced Legal Analytics for Oregon State Courts

Lex Machina’s provides unparalleled insights into over 230,000 civil cases filed in nine Oregon courts

Menlo Park, CA — July 19, 2023 —Lex Machina, a LexisNexis company, now provides Legal Analytics for nine Oregon Circuit Courts serving the following counties: Benton, Clackamas, Deschutes, Jackson, Lane, Linn, Marion, Multnomah, and Washington (the “Oregon Courts”). Lex Machina’s Oregon Courts coverage extends to more than 230,000 civil cases.

Lex Machina enables practitioners to gain essential insights on judges, courts, law firms, attorneys, and parties. Lex Machina plans to release Legal Analytics for the remaining Oregon civil trial courts later in 2023.

The Oregon Courts represent significant state court venues. Together, they cover large swathes of the Portland metropolitan area, a major commercial and cultural epicenter in which over 2.2 million citizens reside and conduct business. They are important courts for civil cases involving contracts, torts, property, and other civil matters.

Through artificial intelligence technology and attorney review, Lex Machina has extracted crucial data-driven insights from millions of state court documents. Legal Analytics are now available for civil cases filed in any of these nine Oregon Courts.

“At Lex Machina, one of our highest priorities is to expand and enhance our state court Legal Analytics,” said Chuan Qin, product manager at Lex Machina and lead on the Oregon state court module. “Our state court analytics empowers practitioners to gain a bird’s-eye view of major litigation trends in Oregon, and the ability to quickly drill down to case dockets and documents that pertain to specific case types, judges, parties, or law firms of interest with just a few clicks.”

The Oregon Courts incorporate notable features such as filters for trial rulings, trial resolutions, and trial damages. They also incorporate an extensive collection of case types and document tags, including document tags for jury verdicts, complaints, answers, judgments, and orders.

Additionally, litigators can use our cross-court filters to conduct state-wide searches and get new quantified, multi-court analytics on judges, courts, law firms, attorneys, and parties. Legal professionals can leverage these unique parameters to further derive insights to win more cases and more business.

Our Oregon state court coverage uncovered the following data trends for cases filed between January 1, 2016 and December 31, 2022:

  • Over $100 million in total damages was awarded at trial, excluding attorneys’ fe, in Multnomah County.
  • Top law firms representing Defendants in medical malpractice cases filed in Multnomah, Washington, and Lane counties include Hart Wagner, Lindsay Hart, Keating Jones Hughes, Lewis Brisbois Bisgaard & Smith, and Brisbee & Stockton.
  • The median time to trial is 441 days in Multnomah county, compared to 350 and 384 days in Washington and Lane counties, respectively. The median time to case termination, after excluding debt collection cases, is 215 days in Multnomah county, compared to 210 and 277 days, in Washington and Lane counties, respectively.
  • Using our party industry filter, the top parties in Oregon that belong to the Consumer Goods and Services industry are Nike, WCP, Unifirst Corporation, Ferguson Enterprises, New System Laundry, LLC.

In the absence of a unified system for state courts, Lex Machina does the difficult work of understanding the individual docketing practice of each state court system, and creates accurate analytics that reflect the unique aspects of the individual courts. This exclusive process allows Lex Machina to provide comprehensive data-driven insights about judges, law firms, individual attorneys, and parties in state courts. Lex Machina ensures the state court data and analytics are up to date by maintaining technology that continuously captures and enhances raw data from the state courts.

State court expansion remains a top priority at Lex Machina. We are adding modules on a court-by-court basis, with an emphasis on strict data quality and integrity. That includes downloading millions of state court documents to ensure that practitioners have access to the most complete, comprehensive, and accurate analytics available.

These state courts join the other state court modules already available on Lex Machina, comprising a current total of 57 state courts. The addition of the Oregon Courts adds over 230,000 civil court cases filed since January 2016 to Lex Machina’s state court database, bringing our total number of state court cases to over 4.2 million. We are proud of this key achievement in our state court journey.

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