LexisNexis Announces Second Round of Legal Tech Accelerator Participants

Contract Wrangler, dealWIP, Lawacountability, Medilenz,ThreadKM, Vijilent and vTestify chosen after rigorous evaluation of more than 50 applicants

Menlo Park, CA – September 28, 2017 — LexisNexis today announced the second round of participants in its Silicon Valley legal tech accelerator program, which launched with five inaugural participants in April 2017 to give startups a leg up in the rapidly expanding legal tech industry. After a thorough evalution process, seven participants – Contract Wrangler, dealWIP, Lawcountability, Medilenz, ThreadKM, Vijilent and vTestify – were selected from a long list of applicants based on the interesting nature of their businesses and their innovative use of technology. In line with the broad LexisNexis vision to transform the way law is practiced, each accelerator participant is driving innovation in a distinct area of the law.

The program is based in the Menlo Park, CA offices of Lex Machina™ and for the first time, at the Raleigh Technolgy Center for LexisNexis on the Centennial Campus of NC State Univeristy. The Legal Tech Accelerator program leverages deep expertise in legal, technology, startup domains, and industry-leading market positions of LexisNexis and Lex Machina to guide and mentor program members. Participants receive hands-on mentoring, enjoy access to cutting-edge tools technologies and data, and are given use of a workspace within an award-winning legal tech startup in Silicon Valley for up to three months for three employees. Once again, the program will be led by Lex Machina’s CEO Josh Becker, with support from LexisNexis’ CTO Jeff Reihl; Chief Product Officer Jamie Buckley; Vice President of US Product Management Jeff Pfeifer; and Lex Machina Chief Evangelist Owen Byrd.

“We’re very excited to welcome a new group of innovative legal technology companies to our accelerator program,” said Jeff Pfeifer. “During the first phase of the program, we were pleased to observe a very high level of engagement and collaboration between participants and mentors, and the feedback from participants who completed the program was overwhelmingly positive. We look forward to helping this new group of startups take their vision and business practice to the next level.”

The seven members of the second round of the LexisNexis legal tech accelerator program are:

  • Contract Wrangler (San Francisco, CA): Contract Wrangler uses advanced machine learning technology to uncover hidden data in business relationships and help clients maximize profitability and reduce risk.
  • dealWIP (Baltimore,MD): Cloud-based workflow integration platform for complex legal transactions that provides a secure, frictionless and transparent environment for transactional attorneys and their valued clients to plan, manage, automate and streamline every element of their most important high-stakes corporate legal matters.
  • Lawcountability (New York, NY): A cloud-based software platform designed to help lawyers network more effectively for their business and professional development. It is a cost-effective way to offer regular marketing and business-development training online and on-the-go.
  • Medilenz (Philadelphia, PA): AI powered technology at the intersection of legal and health care helping companies and law firms, for example, mine medical records for critical data and providing medical expert services to life sciences clients, addressing business and scientific needs.
  • ThreadKM (Alpharetta, GA): A web-based, real-time legal knowledge management platform that allows lawyers and other professionals to securely and effortlessly build cases and work together. It combines the benefits of broad-based document and knowledge management with the precision of a purpose-built tool for lawyers.
  • Vijilent (Raleigh, NC): Automates people search for the legal industry. Data science company using machine learning to gather insights using social media data and working with law firms to harness the richness of that data and turn it into actionable knowledge.
  • vTestify (Cary, NC): A virtual testimony platform that is developed to leverage advances in technology to improve both the quality of testimony and the methods through which it is obtained. vTestify address the needs of lawyers, legal professionals, and above all the clients it serves, by tackling inefficiencies in the system through the use of technology.

Throughout the rigorous, 10-week curriculum, Legal Tech Accelerator participants will gain knowledge and expertise in a variety of topics, including technology and product development, running an agile product development organization, building a strong company culture,selling to legal departments and law firms, leveraging legal data, and identifying best practices in customer success, marketing and fundraising. In addition, they will have access to a vast collection of enriched legal data and cutting-edge tools and technologies from LexisNexis, and will be able to leverage the company’s established relationships with Stanford University, NC State University, Silcon Valley businesses, VCs and influencers to grow their companies.

“We are really happy to give back to the community by helping these promising companies be successful” said Josh Becker. “Our participants get to interact with other startups – including a former startup, Lex Machina – and learn from each other on how to build their businesses, market their products and succeed in this challenging and competitive legal environment. We look forward to seeing all of the great things that this second batch of tech accelerator participants will do.”

For more information, or to apply to the tech accelerator program, please email accelerator@lexmachina.com.

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