Outcome Analytics

Litigation analytics can provide you the winning edge in litigating cases and landing business, but only if they include accurate and comprehensive outcome analytics that tell you what happened in a case: who won, what were the findings, and how much money changed hands. In order to effectively use litigation analytics to craft your litigation or business strategy, you will need access to complete and accurate analytics on findings, remedies, damages, and case resolutions.

Knowing What Happened in a Case Isn’t Easy

Many litigation analytics tools can not give you the whole picture. They provide overly simplified versions of case outcomes that are either over-inclusive (including irrelevant cases) or underinclusive (omitting cases that should belong in the outcome category but are overlooked  because the outcome was embedded in the underlying document rather than the more easily-available docket heading text). In addition, no other litigation analytics platform provides information on damages at the comprehensive, granular level that Lex Machina does. To do so requires technological and human review of the underlying documents, a resource-intensive process that only Lex Machina uses.

Outcome Analytics screen

Outcome Analytics Tell You What Happened

Lex Machina has the most detailed and accurate Outcome Analytics in the industry. With Lex Machina, you can easily see not only who won but on what claim. Our Outcome Analytics allow you to quickly discover:

  • Findings: how the court ruled on specific issues and at what stage of litigation
  • Remedies: how the court ruled (including grant/denial rates) on various types of injunctive orders and claim-specific remedies (e.g., specific performance in contracts cases)
  • Damages: details about damages awards (who won, how much, and against which party) that are specific to each practice area, including approved class action settlement damages in antitrust cases and pain and suffering damages in torts cases; you can gain insights into how often a judge awards certain types of damages, such as attorneys fees or punitive damages
  • Case Resolutions: how often claimants win, defendants win, cases settle, or cases resolve procedurally; you can determine at what stages relevant cases were resolved, e.g., how often claimants win on summary judgment or whether this court has ruled on a judgment as a matter of law
  • State Court Rulings and Resolutions: whether plaintiffs or defendants win more often in front of their judge; you can view all cases with bench or jury trials where the opposing counsel appeared, in our expanding number of state courts

“Lex Machina has opened up this information, almost like a high school yearbook.
It has opened up a whole level of visibility into the legal process that simply wasn’t accessible before.”

— Cardoza Law Corporation

How It Works

Only Lex Machina uses our unique combination of natural language processing and human review to read all available underlying documents and produce claim-specific outcomes that tell you exactly what happened in a case. Our cutting edge technology, including Lexpressions and our Attorney Data Engine, processes the documents and creates a comprehensive data set. Then our data team, which consists of attorneys and legal analysts, reviews important orders to verify what happened. Finally, the information is presented in easy-to-use tables, graphs, and charts, so users can quickly assess the record and Outcome Analytics of a judge, counsel, or party.

How It Can Help You

Legal Analytics can help you win more business and win more cases. Our Outcome Analytics can sharpen your winning edge in multiple ways by allowing you to:

  • Showcase your firm’s record by demonstrating how often your clients won, how often they were awarded damages, and the specific amounts.
  • Advise your client on the likelihood their judge will grant motions on specific issues; e.g., by relaying whether their judge has granted a motion to dismiss based on a failure to identify a trade secret.
  • Know how often opposing counsel went to trial on a particular issue, which allows you to strategize for settlement or trial.

With Lex Machina’s superior Outcome Analytics, you can quickly and easily understand what happened in cases like yours, in order to employ strategic information to create winning pitches and craft winning litigation strategies. Lex Machina is proud to offer the most comprehensive and accurate data-driven analytics on findings, damages, remedies, and resolution information, allowing you to confidently make the decisions that will maximize your success.