Legal Analytics for Class Action Litigation

We are the only platform with complete Class Action Analytics. Class action litigation involves cases in which a plaintiff alleges a claim on behalf of a group or class of individuals. This case set includes cases pleaded as Rule 23 class actions, but does not include employment cases brought as collective actions under the Fair Labor Standards Act or Shareholder Derivative Actions.

This is a crucial set of cases that involve high-profile cases with high numbers of parties and high amounts of damages. It is an exciting area of litigation in which understanding and transparency are strategically advantageous. Lex Machina’s data includes damages analytics totaling over $178,000,000,000 in approved class action settlement damages, and complete Legal Analytics for each class action settlement including class size, attorneys’ fees, class representative awards, and non-monetary relief.

Case filings

Strategic Applications

Lex Machina helps you answer questions such as:

  • What are the top three most active districts by number of class action cases filed?
  • How often have claimants prevailed at trial in class action cases filed in the last five years?
  • How many class action cases were filed before Judge Christina Snyder from the Central District of California in 2022, and what was the breakdown of class sizes in those cases?
  • What is the median time to class action settlement for class action cases terminated in the Northern District of California?
  • Which law firm has the most experience representing defendants in class action cases filed in the Eastern District of New York in the last five years? Who was the most active defendant during that time?
  • What was the total amount of class action damages awarded by Judge Lorna Schofield from the Southern District of New York over the last five years?
  • How many class action cases were denied class certification on the basis of a finding of No 23(b)(3) Predominance and Superiority in the Northern District of Illinois?

Damages Categories

Our data includes the following damages categories:

  • Class Action Settlement
  • Class Action Attorney Fees
  • Class Representative Award
  • Non-Monetary Relief


Class Certification: Grant, Class Certification: Deny, Class Certification: Grant for Settlement Purposes Only, Class Certification: Partial, No Class Representative Standing, No Ascertainable Class, No 23(a)(1) Numerosity, No 23(a)(2) Commonality, No 23(a)(3) Typicality, No 23(a)(4) Adequate Representation, No 23(b)(3) Predominance and Superiority, Other Rule 23 Denial

Case filings