Legal Analytics for Contracts Litigation

Lex Machina’s award-winning Legal Analytics platform allows outside counsel and in-house attorneys to predict the behavior of courts, judges, lawyers, law firms, and parties. Over half of Am Law100 firms and some of the largest global corporations use Legal Analytics to supplement traditional legal research and reasoning with previously unavailable strategic insights that can give them a winning edge. Now, Legal Analytics is available for contracts litigation in federal courts.

Contracts Cases

Originally Lex Machina had 85,000 commercial cases for disputes between business entities. Now, our data team added approximately 50,000 contracts non-commercial contract cases pending since 2009. PACER, the online platform containing federal case docket entries and related documents, does not contain a Nature of Suit (NOS) code that captures all contracts cases. These cases, are often filed under multiple NOS and Cause of Action (COA) codes.

Read this 5-page use case about franchise litigation cases, covering jurisdictions, parties and law firms, case resolutions, and findings.

Damages Categories

We have expanded our damages categories to include contract damages, restitution, liquidated damages, tort compensatory, punitive, enhanced, and approved class action settlement damages.


We have added new findings for contract breach, existence, rescission, termination, as well as contract defense and unjust enrichment. New business tort findings include conversion, defamation/trade libel, fraud/misrepresentation, misappropriation of trade secrets, negligence, tortious interference, tort defense, and breach of fiduciary duty.

Case Tags

Contracts cases include tags for franchise cases, or cases involving negotiable instruments, commercial and non-commercial entities, breach of contract, and business tort. There are also relevant general litigation tags, including orders for contested dismissal or summary judgment, declaratory judgment, multi-district litigation, class action, jury trial, bench trial, and appeal.

Litigation strategy depends on a lot more than the strength of the claim. Read this use case to see how Legal Analytics can help you win.