Legal Analytics for Employment Litigation

Lex Machina’s Legal Analytics for Employment Litigation enables practitioners to make data-driven decisions about employment case strategy and tactics in federal court. Now you can use quantified insights about the behavior of district court judges, opposing parties, and opposing counsel to gain competitive advantage in employment litigation.

Lex Machina’s employment data lets you analyze federal employment case timing, resolutions, damages, remedies, and findings. Our case set includes cases alleging discrimination, retaliation, and harassment under a variety of federal statutes.

Use Cases

Lex Machina helps you answer questions such as:

  • How often have collective action settlement damages been awarded in this court? What were the specific amounts?
  • Which law firms have the most experience defending the opposing party in FLSA cases?
  • How often – and in which specific cases – have judges in the District of Delaware found a hostile work environment?
  • What are the chances of obtaining a summary judgment order in an employment case from a specific judge?
  • Has my judge ruled on both federal and state law retaliation in the same case? What was the ruling?

Case Tags

FLSA, FLSA Collective Action, FMLA, ADA, Harassment (Federal), Retaliation (Federal), Discrimination (Federal), Accomodation (Federal), State Employment Claim, EEOC Charging Party, Order re: FLSA Conditional Certification, and Pro Se

Damages Categories

Backpay, Emotional Distress, Front Pay, Liquidated Damages, Punitive Damages, Other Compensatory Damages, Civil Money Penalties, State Statutory Penalties, Approved Class Action Settlement, Collective Action Settlement, EEOC Class Settlement


Granted and Denied Permanent Injunction, Preliminary Injunction, and Temporary Restraining Order; Promotion, and Reinstatement.

2023 Employment Litigation Report
This report examines employment litigation trends in federal district and appellate courts.

Employment Findings

Title VII Discrimination for Race/ Color, Religion, National Origin, and Sex/Gender.

ADEA Discrimination for Age, ADA Discrimination for Disability, PDA Discrimination for Pregnancy, §1981/§1983 Discrimination, Equal Pay Act, Rehabilitation Act, USERRA Discrimination FLSA Violation, FMLA Violation, Wage/Hour Violation, Discrimination: Other Federal Statute, Retaliation, Hostile Work Environment/Harassment, Failure to Accommodate, Willfulness

State Law Discrimination, State Law Labor Violation, State Law Retaliation, State Law Harassment, State Law Failure to Accommodate, Other State Employment Law Violation, Common Law/Public Policy Violation

Legitimate Reason Defense, Time-Barred Defense, Failure to Mitigate Defense, Failure to Exhaust Administrative Remedies Defense, Attendance Violation Defense, Estoppel Defense, Exemption Defense, Good Faith Defense, Improper Notice Defense