Legal Analytics for Real Property Litigation

Real property litigation includes any case involving a dispute concerning real property. This is a complex and expansive area of law that includes diverse wide-ranging legal claims. It is an important area of law in which transparency and understanding are crucial. Lex Machina’s data lets you analyze and derive critical insights on judges, courts, law firms, attorneys, and parties involved in real property. Note that this Case Type does not include claims pertaining to chattels and personal property, statutory claims, or claims involving purchase agreements not involving mortgages.

Use Cases

Lex Machina helps you answer questions such as:

  • Over the last three years, which land condemnation cases had the highest amount of real property “just compensation” damages awarded? What were the specific amounts and what happened in those cases?
  • Which districts had the highest number of real property cases filed that involved torts to land claims?
  • How often do claim defendants prevail on judgment on the pleadings in real property cases involving rent/lease/ejectment claims in the Central District of California?
  • Which law firms have the most experience representing defendants in real property cases involving foreclosures before Judge Virginia Phillips?
  • What is the median time to termination for real property cases involving land condemnation presided over by Judge Brian Martinotti?
  • Who are the most active plaintiffs in the Southern District of New York?

Real Property Litigation Report
This report is a comprehensive overview of the latest trends in real property litigation.

Unique Litigation Data

Lex Machina allows users to filter by the following information in order to find the most relevant cases:

Case Tags

Our data includes the following case tags: Foreclosure, Land Condemnation, Rent / Lease / Ejectment, Torts to Land.

Damages Categories

Our data includes the following damages categories: Contract Damages (Real Property), Restitution (Real Property), Punitive Damages (Real Property), Settled Claim Damages (Real Property), Nominal Damages (Real Property), Compensatory Damages (Real Property), Special Damages, Just Compensation.


Our data includes the following remedies: Reformation, Rescission


Foreclosure, Lease, and Condemnation: Foreclosure Granted, Standing to Foreclose, Wrongful Foreclosure, Superior Lien, Valid Lien, Ejectment / Eviction, Wrongful Ejectment / Eviction, Condemnation Granted, Inverse Condemnation / Taking, Standing / Ripeness, Just Compensation Provided, Just Compensation Adjusted

Contracts: Breach of Contract, Unjust Enrichment, Contract Existence, Contract Termination

Torts: Fraud / Misrepresentation, Negligence, Nuisance, Trespass to Land, Strict Liability, Slander of Title, Tort Defense

Other Real Property Findings: Quiet Title, Adverse Possession / Prescriptive Easement, Breach of Covenant, Trespass to Try Title, Other Declaratory Judgment Granted, Time-Barred Defense