Legal Analytics for Product Liability Litigation

Lex Machina’s Legal Analytics for Product Liability Litigation enables attorneys and companies they represent to make data-driven decisions about federal product liability case strategy and tactics. Product liability litigators are now able to leverage our Legal Analytics to uncover strategic insights into product liability cases they care about in federal courts.

Now you can get quantified insights about judges, courts, law firms, attorneys, parties, and expert witnesses involved in a case, as well as case trends, to gain a competitive advantage. Lex Machina illuminates whether a presiding judge has expertise with MDL cases, and provides actual judicial rulings about expert witness admissibility. Until now, this information was not easily available to product liability litigators.

Use Cases

Lex Machina helps you answer questions such as:

  • Which law firms have the most experience with medical device / pharmaceutical cases?
  • Which judges have heard MDL Master cases?
  • What is the largest damages award made in the Middle District of Florida since 2009?
  • How has a judge ruled on the admissibility of expert witnesses?
  • How many times has a firm succeeded in product liability subrogation cases?
  • How often – and in which specific cases – has a finding of breach of warranty been made in the Eastern District of Louisiana?
  • Has a particular expert witness ever been excluded or limited on a Daubert challenge?

Product Liability Litigation Report
This 2023 report is a comprehensive overview of trends and insights for making strategic litigation decisions.

Damages Categories

Our data includes the following damages categories: Economic Damages, Non-Economic Damages, Other Product Liability Damages, and Punitive Damages.

Product Liability Findings

Breach of Warranty, Defective Product: Design, Defective Product: Manufacture, Defective Product: Warnings, Defective Product: Unspecified, Negligence, Tortious Misrepresen-tation, Punitive Damages Conduct, Consumer Protection Law Violation, Fraud on the FDA, Comparative Fault Defense, Preemption Defense, Statute of Limitations Defense, Statute of Repose Defense, Manufacturer Not Proven, and Product Did Not Cause Injury.

Additional Tags

Our product liability data includes product classification tags, such as Aircraft, Asbestos, Medical Device/Pharmaceutical and Vehicle, as well as a Subrogation case tag, to help you create your specific product liability case list.