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Lex Machina’s Legal Analytics enables companies to select the most experienced and effective counsel for their case with just a few clicks.

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Who’s the local counsel with the best track record for cases like mine?
Need to find local counsel but don’t know where to start? Lex Machina’s analytics allow corporate counsel to quickly pull lists of local counsel.

How much experience does this team have working together?

How do the firms pitching us compare to one another?
Compare potential outside counsel on key metrics, such as case resolutions, timing, damages, and more.

Which firm has the most experience against my opposing counsel in similar cases?

Have any of the firms bidding for our business ever litigated against us?
Quickly run conflict checks with Lex Machina to uncover any issues with firms you’re considering.

Take a deeper dive into Lex Machina’s analytics through the resources below or contact us for a demo today.

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“Be careful when you pitch. Lex Machina is changing the game. If you are less than accurate with your story, and your competitors or your client have access to Legal Analytics, someone will call you out.”

- Steven Geiszler, Chief IP Litigation Counsel, Huawei