Find Insights on Opposing Counsel

Knowing critical insights about your opposing counsel’s previous experience and track record in similar cases will allow you to formulate the best strategy against them.

What’s my opposing firm’s/attorney’experience before this judge in similar cases?
Assess the firm’s experience with the venue, judge, and similar parties to identify strategic advantages for yourself.

How long does my opposing counsel take in court?
Review how long it has taken the firm in the past to get to summary judgment, trial, dismissal and more.

Is the plaintiff’s firm a credible threat?
Quickly assess the threat posed by a new case based on the track record in federal district court of the plaintiff and its law firm.

Uncover the typical amount of time your opponent’s previous cases took to reach certain litigation milestones

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“Lex Machina is integral to the way that I identify business development opportunities. It gives me a quick and easy-to-understand information regarding a company’s prior litigation history, outside counsel that have represented a company, and the judge’s history of handling similar cases.”

– Stephen Medlock, Partner, Mayer Brown