On September 22, 2022, Lex Machina hosted the second webcast in our series on leveraging our API. In the first webcast, Learn API Basics, recorded on May 17, 2022, Dave Slusher (Lex Machina’s Developer Advocate) and Justin Brownstone (Principal Product Manager) outlined API basics for attendees interested in this crucial topic. In this webcast, Dave and Justin outlined how APIs go from abstract academic pursuits to enabling new features that are impossible without the API.

During the webcast, Dave and Justin used the Lex Machina API to demonstrate how you go from thinking about business problems you want to solve to using an API to solve those problems.

“We have an end goal, which is for you to produce more value to your business in less time. And less time spent, more or less directly corresponds to less money spent.,” explained Dave Slusher.

Regarding the value Lex Machina’s API can produce for legal professionals, Dave noted, “This needs to be accelerating and refining how you do your job. Making it better, making it cheaper. So the question is, what decisions do you make in the course of pursuing your business that you would make differently if you had more information? If the time and cost of obtaining that information goes down dramatically, what decisions would you make? Would you allocate your resources the same if you knew more about the current state of litigation? Would you prioritize work the same if you knew more?”

Listen to a recording of the webcast or read the transcript.