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Legal Analytics Takes Center Stage

A challenging environment thrusts legal analytics to the forefront, with innovative products offering critical solutions.

The current health and economic crisis has shifted the legal industry in substantial ways. Firms have been pushed to change their structures, alter business decisions, and scrutinize their contracts like never before. Understanding clauses that are in contracts and developing creative strategies to win new business has taken precedence, while the need for predictability and transparency is at the forefront, given significant disruptions to typical workdays and workflows. That said, it’s critical for firms and corporations […]

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Exploring the Impact of the Pandemic on Litigation in Federal District Courts (January through October 2020)

Lex Machina monitors and reports on how courts are affected by the social changes due to the COVID-19 (coronavirus) pandemic through our COVID-19 blog posts, the COVID-19 Impact Analyzer App that is publicly accessible, and in-product case tagging for litigation caused by COVID-19. 

As the year is winding down, we can start to see a comprehensive picture of litigation activity throughout 2020. We […]

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The Ongoing Impact of the Pandemic on Case Filings in State Courts: June-September 2020

Not long after the COVID-19 pandemic began, Lex Machina analyzed its state civil trial court modules to examine how the pandemic-driven shutdown affected new case filings in state courts. Now, several months into the pandemic, Lex Machina conducted another survey of our state court data to provide an analysis of evolving trends. […]

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Lex Machina Launches Legal Analytics for New York County Supreme Court

The Lex Machina team is excited to launch Legal Analytics for New York County Supreme Court (“New York County”). This court covers Manhattan and is the first of five state court modules we plan to release that encompass the New York City area. Including over 119,000 civil court cases filed January 2016 or later, this is a significant venue for state court litigation. […]

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An Updated Analysis of Litigation Caused By COVID-19

As COVID-19 continues to affect so many aspects of life, disputes caused by COVID-19 have increased and evolved. Lex Machina is tracking cases that have been filed due to the coronavirus health crisis or related societal changes. Previously, we tracked new litigation caused by COVID-19 for federal district court cases filed March 1 through May 2, 2020 and provided an update looking at March 1 through July 4, 2020.  […]

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Josh Becker Pens Guest Column on Pandemic-Driven Innovation

LawSites Blog recently featured a guest column by Josh Becker, LexisNexis head of legal analytics and chairman of Lex Machina. In his article, Becker discusses the unexpected side effects of the global pandemic, which has driven the legal sector to undergo a “decade’s worth of social and technological innovation” in just a few months. […]

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Lex Machina Releases its 2020 Insurance Report

Lex Machina’s 2020 Insurance Report looks at trends and insights in federal district court litigation. The first section of the report features Federal District Court data from 2010 to 2019, with a focus on the last five years. The second section of the report focuses on March through June of 2020 in order to examine the impact of COVID-19 on insurance litigation.

Impacts of COVID-19: […]

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Karl Harris Interviewed in Discussion on the Increasing Necessity of Legal Analytics

A recent article in TechLaw Crossroads highlights the skyrocketing importance of legal analytics in the practice of law. In posing the question, “Is It Malpractice to Not Use Legal Analytics?”, TechLaw dissects the results from the third annual Legal Analytics Survey by LexisNexis. […]

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PTAB Activity During COVID-19

As part of our ongoing work to track the impact of COVID-19 on litigation, Lex Machina surveyed new petitions filed with the Patent Trial and Appeal Board (“PTAB”) that challenged patentability of claims in issued patents. We also reviewed recent PTAB trial activity to examine how the COVID-19 pandemic shutdown has impacted this administrative law body.

Here is a summary of our findings:

  1. New petition filings are trending upwards. The number of new PTAB petitions increased in May, June, and July 2020 compared to […]
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Continuing to Track New Litigation Caused By COVID-19

The COVID-19 crisis has caused businesses and individuals to face unexpected social and economic consequences, including disputes caused by COVID-19. Lex Machina is tracking disputes that have made their way into court. Previously, we tracked new litigation caused by COVID-19 for federal district court cases filed March 1 through May 2, 2020 and observed the following trends:

  1. COVID-19 case filings were trending upward.
  2. Contracts and insurance, followed by employment, were the leading practice areas with COVID-19 keyword matches.
  3. Contracts, insurance, and employment were the leading practice areas with confirmed […]
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