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Webcast on the Responsible Use of Legal Analytics

Lex Machina hosted a webcast on The Responsible Use of Legal Analytics on March 25, 2021. The webcast was hosted by Joshua Harvey, Manager of the Customer Success Team, and moderated by Carla Rydholm, Director of Product Management. The guest for the webcast was Kevin Miles, Manager of Library Services at Norton Rose Fulbright. The discussion covered several important topics including transparency, data interpretation, and user adoption.

“We get questions all the time about stats, and about graphs, and how those are created […]

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Webcast on The Impact of Legal Analytics

Lex Machina hosted a webcast on The Impact of Legal Analytics on March 18, 2021. The webcast was moderated by Karl Harris, CEO of Lex Machina, who spoke with Erik Falkenberry of DLA Piper and Evan Shenkman of Fisher Phillips. They engaged in an enlightening discussion on the recent survey results regarding the use and adoption of Legal Analytics. […]

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Lex Machina Releases its Annual Patent Litigation Report

Lex Machina is excited to announce the release of its annual Patent Litigation Report. 

Last year was an exciting year for patent litigation as the landscape continues to change in the wake of a few key Supreme Court decisions and as the court system deals with the effects of the pandemic. The report looks at trends in federal district court as well as the Patent Trial and Appeal Board (PTAB). […]

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Lex Machina Releases Law Firms Activity Report

Lex Machina is excited to announce the release of its Law Firms Activity Report. The report looks back at the last three years and analyzes law firm activity in 15 practice areas and in cases caused by COVID-19. The final section of the report includes a comprehensive look at civil litigation in federal district court. The Department of Justice was far and away the most active counsel in the last […]

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Survey Reveals 98% of Users Find Value in Legal Analytics

A recent survey revealed that 98% of users find Legal Analytics to be valuable, while 80% of non-users also believe that Legal Analytics would be valuable.

The survey also revealed that Legal Analytics help over 70% of users win in the business and practice of law by allowing them to demonstrate a competitive advantage to clients and gain competitive insights in litigation. […]

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Legal Analytics Takes Center Stage

A challenging environment thrusts legal analytics to the forefront, with innovative products offering critical solutions.

The current health and economic crisis has shifted the legal industry in substantial ways. Firms have been pushed to change their structures, alter business decisions, and scrutinize their contracts like never before. […]

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Exploring the Impact of the Pandemic on Litigation in Federal District Courts (January through October 2020)

Lex Machina monitors and reports on how courts are affected by the social changes due to the COVID-19 (coronavirus) pandemic through our COVID-19 blog posts, the COVID-19 Impact Analyzer App that is publicly accessible, and in-product case tagging for litigation caused by COVID-19.  […]

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The Ongoing Impact of the Pandemic on Case Filings in State Courts: June-September 2020

Not long after the COVID-19 pandemic began, Lex Machina analyzed its state civil trial court modules to examine how the pandemic-driven shutdown affected new case filings in state courts. Now, several months into the pandemic, Lex Machina conducted another survey of our state court data to provide an analysis of evolving trends. […]

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