Webcast on API Basics

On May 17th, Lex Machina hosted a webcast as part of the launch of their new API. The webcast featured Dave Slusher, Lex Machina’s Developer Advocate, who serves as a liaison between the API product and the developer community that uses it. It was hosted by Justin Brownstone, principal product […]

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Lex Machina Released Legal Analytics for Multnomah County (Portland)

The Lex Machina team is proud to have released Legal Analytics for Multnomah County Circuit Court (“Multnomah County”). This court serves Portland, Oregon’s most populous city and major commercial and cultural epicenter in which over 600,000 citizens reside and conduct business. Including a total of over 60,000 civil court cases […]

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Webcast on Case Tags and Outcome Analytics

On October 19, 2021, Lex Machina hosted a webcast on Case Tags and Outcome Analytics: Essential Functions for Litigation Analytics. The webcast featured guest speakers Rachel Bailey (Data Relations Manager at Lex Machina) and Marissa Skudlarek (Software Engineer at Lex Machina). They discussed what’s involved in creating tagging systems and […]

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Lex Machina Launches Legal Analytics for the Americans with Disabilities Act

The Lex Machina team is excited to launch Legal Analytics for litigation involving the Americans with Disabilities Act. These cases include claims under the Americans With Disabilities Act (the “ADA”), as well as related claims under state law (together, the “ADA Module”).This expanded case set includes more than 90,000 cases […]

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