It has been an unusual time for the world as a whole and the legal community in particular. With large-scale upheavals and fast-moving changes, Lex Machina has worked hard to keep the legal profession up-to-date through our blog posts, our publicly-available COVID App Analyzer, and our unmatched data-driven Legal Analytics.

Now, Lex Machina has announced our new Enterprise package, which allows legal professionals to ensure that they obtain access to all of Lex Machina’s Legal Analytics, both current and future. In recent months, Lex Machina has released many milestone Legal Analytics modules including the New York state courts and the remaining federal cases. This, coupled with the likelihood of a continued high rate of expansion, creates a unique situation in which it is most advantageous to invest in the broadest coverage of Lex Machina’s Legal Analytics immediately.

Our coverage now includes all commercially relevant federal civil court cases in any of 16 practice areas (over 2.8 million cases), as well as 11 state court civil case modules (including courts in New York, Los Angeles, and Houston). Lex Machina expects to continue our strong pace of innovation, which translates into more coverage continuing into the future, all included within the package. Investing in the Enterprise package now, at its inception, guarantees the broadest expanse of current coverage and locks in all future coverage.

At Lex Machina, we are aware of the impact the global pandemic is having on the members of our legal community. Our highest priorities are to bring analytics to all areas of the law and provide transparency to the legal profession in uncertain times. We understand that the pandemic may have created atypical situations, and we would be willing to discuss alternative possibilities if you are in such a situation.

To learn more, read our white paper on why now is the best time to invest in Enterprise, or speak with a representative about your needs.