LawSites Blog recently featured a guest column by Josh Becker, LexisNexis head of legal analytics and chairman of Lex Machina. In his article, Becker discusses the unexpected side effects of the global pandemic, which has driven the legal sector to undergo a “decade’s worth of social and technological innovation” in just a few months. Becker observes that not only has the implementation of the sweeping workplace changes been relatively seamless for many organizations, but the general reaction to the system overhaul has been predominantly positive.

Becker discusses the specific challenges organizations continue to face regarding new infrastructure and technology. In particular, Becker notes that law firms and companies will need to learn how to leverage technology both to enrich employee mentorships and collaboration, but also to maintain the high quality of service clients will expect. Becker recounts an experience from a firm partner who found he had more Zoom calls with clients in one month than face-to-face meetings over six months, pre-pandemic. “[I]n many ways that small shift in the use of technology has cultivated a more personal connection with clients and deeper understanding of client pain points,” Becker writes. “Alignment of innovation initiatives with clients’ strategic business interests has taken on a new urgency.”

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