A recent article in Forbes Magazine highlights Lex Machina’s recent release of the New York County Supreme Court module, and discusses the growing importance of legal analytics in the legal profession. Forbes interviewed Karl Harris, CEO of Lex Machina, who explained that the New York County Supreme Court is an important milestone due to its importance as a state court jurisdiction.

Forbes and Karl also discussed the birth and growth of legal analytics as a game-changer in legal practice. Karl explained that the term “legal analytics” was coined by Lex Machina, and the concept was born during a recovery from a difficult time, after the recession over ten years ago. Forbes noted that though lawyers are “not renowned for an addiction to statistics and maths” and prefer “anecdata over data”, “thanks to artificial intelligence and data sourced and analyzed by firms like Lex Machina, law firms can answer [questions] in minutes, and with higher levels of confidence.” In considering the surging importance of legal analytics to the legal profession, Forbes suggested that “[i]n future, it may be considered professional malpractice not to use legal analytics.”

The full article is available here.