A recent article in TechLaw Crossroads highlights the skyrocketing importance of legal analytics in the practice of law. In posing the question, “Is It Malpractice to Not Use Legal Analytics?”, TechLaw dissects the results from the third annual Legal Analytics Survey by LexisNexis. Based on the results, TechLaw concludes that “if you aren’t using analytics, you simply are at a competitive disadvantage especially in the large law firm market.”

TechLaw interviewed Karl Harris, CEO of Lex Machina, who notes that “[t]he results from this year’s study clearly show we’ve reached a tipping point in the legal analytics adoption curve driven by competitive pressures, the expectations of corporate clients, and the need to control costs.” TechLaw observes that Lex Machina is emerging as the leader to fill the industry gap in state court analytics by embarking on “an ambitious and costly project to get state court data.” TechLaw contends that as Lex Machina enhances and expands its data set, “it won’t just be big firm lawyers that use analytics, it will be most every lawyer.”

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