The Lex Machina team is excited to announce that we have launched the remaining New York City state court modules, completing the coverage of all five New York City counties. The five New York City state court modules include nearly half a million civil court cases filed since January 2016. This brings our total number of state court cases to nearly 2 million, and our total number of state court modules to 15. These five New York City counties are key courts for civil cases involving contracts, torts, tax, and commercial matters, and serve more than 8 million citizens.

Lex Machina released the NYC state court modules at the following cadence:

  • New York County Supreme Court (Manhattan) on September 29th
  • Kings County Supreme Court (Brooklyn) on October 27th
  • Queens County Supreme Court (Queens) on November 24th
  • Richmond County Supreme Court (Staten Island) on December 8th
  • Bronx Supreme Court (the Bronx) on December 8th

The completion of these modules is an important milestone in Lex Machina’s state court journey. Legal Analytics are now available for any Supreme Court civil trial case filed in each of the five boroughs of New York City.

Lex Machina provides valuable data-driven insights about judges, law firms, individual attorneys, and parties in state courts. In addition, the New York City modules include notable features such as filters for pre- and post-RJI case status and a class action tag. They also include an extensive collection of case types and document tags. The inclusion of these unique parameters will provide even greater capability in organizing and understanding the analytics.

With our complete set of New York City state court modules, our research uncovered the following data trends for all of the cases filed in the five state courts between January 1, 2016 and December 7, 2020:

  • Total amount of damages awarded at trial, including attorneys’ fees, was $816,856,764
  • 520 cases resulted in a jury verdict ruling
  • In 2019, the total number of cases filed was 98,963
  • In New York County Supreme Court, the median time to trial (for 276 cases) was 974 days compared to Kings County Supreme Court, where the median time to trial (for 497 cases) was 1,001 days

State court expansion remains a top priority at Lex Machina. We plan to release more state court modules throughout the coming years. As a reminder, we are adding modules on a court-by-court basis, with an emphasis on strict data quality and integrity. That includes downloading millions of state court documents to ensure that practitioners have access to the most complete, comprehensive, and accurate analytics available. For example, for New York County Supreme Court alone, Lex Machina has downloaded over 500,000 documents that serve as the content foundation for creating the highest caliber data for judges, law firms, attorneys and parties, and adding high-value case coding for cases that reach trial.

Both new and existing Legal Analytics users will appreciate the easy-to-use interface that lets them access a wealth of new state court features including:

  • Understanding timing to key litigation milestones
  • Analyzing the record of a specific judge, law firm, attorney, or party
  • Reviewing previous trial resolutions, trial damages, and trial rulings for case strategy
  • Court-specific filters such as case types and case tags
  • Keyword searching within docket entry text and downloaded documents
  • Viewing analytics across all state courts or in one particular court

Depending on your subscription, users can access New York City state court data now.

To learn more, contact our sales team.