The Lex Machina team is excited to announce expanded federal district court coverage, which provides users with access to all commercially relevant federal civil cases. Our users can now locate any federal district court case and ensure that it is incorporated in the generation of data-driven insights from our legal analytics on judges, law firms, attorneys, and parties.

Over the past ten years, Lex Machina has expanded to 16 different practice areas in federal courts, as well as an increasing number of state courts. With our current expansion, Lex Machina provides access to over 2.8 million federal civil cases, enabling our users to uncover insights into a wider set of analytics that are relevant to any practitioner.

Lex Machina uses our innovative technology, including our Attorney Data Engine and Motion Metrics, to search through all of the cases in the Lex Machina platform. This allows our users to gain new insights with the expanded coverage. Enhanced capabilities include:

  • Searching for any case and viewing its up-to-date activity
  • Keyword searching across comprehensive coverage — all dockets and downloaded documents
  • Viewing motion grant/denial rates for a judge’s full docket
  • Analyzing the complete list of cases for any judge, law firm, attorney or party
    • Finding out how busy a court is and with what types of matters
    • Comparing timing between courts or judges
    • Seeing the complete client list for a law firm
    • Reviewing a party’s civil federal court history since 2009

Practitioners can access the expanded dataset with Lex Machina’s new Enterprise Package, a comprehensive option with increased coverage and new functionality. Benefits of the Enterprise Package include access to:

  • Over 2.8 million civil cases in federal district court with enhanced, in-depth analytics available in 16 federal practice areas
  • Over 1.3 million cases from nine state courts
  • Millions of already-downloaded documents in federal, state, and administrative cases
  • Support for unlimited users within your organization
  • All practice areas and venues added in the future (which translates to predictable budgeting, future modules for the current price, and no mid-contract add-ons)

With this expanded coverage, Lex Machina can further our goal of helping practitioners gain both a broad understanding of trends encompassing the full civil court docket and an in-depth analysis of practice-area specific insights.