Lex Machina is excited to announce the release of Legal Analytics for Contracts Litigation. This practice area expands and replaces the current Commercial practice area.

We’ve added almost 50,000 new cases to the existing 85,000 Commercial cases. While the existing Commercial case set focused on cases involving breach of contract and business tort claims between business entities, the additional 50,000 cases expand coverage to all disputes with breach of contract claims, including individual, class action, and government lawsuits.

Lex Machina’s Contracts module adds new data tags for improved filtering, high-value findings at various stages of litigation, and more analytical data, including an additional $5 billion in awarded damages. The case tags identify key subjects within the larger practice area: Commercial, Non-Commercial, Breach of Contract, Business Tort, Negotiable Instrument, and Franchise Agreement.

Practitioners can research the prior experience of the judge, seeing what issues they have encountered in past cases, and whether they are consistent within the district. Companies can find counsel who have a winning record on the issues that matter most, as well as using data on the expected duration of a case to refine budgeting.

The practice area includes over 2,000 cases that resolved at trial, over 6,500 cases at summary judgment, over 8,000 cases at default judgment, and over 3,500 on consent judgment.

Overall damages for the Contracts litigation module are over $25 billion, with over $1 billion in Class Action Settlement Damages.

With the ability to tailor a customized case list and see analytics over different phases of litigation, Lex Machina gives counsel unprecedented insight into the record and behavior of judges, parties and firms in Contracts cases.