The Lex Machina team is excited to launch enhanced Legal Analytics for nine Oregon Circuit Courts that serve the following counties: Benton, Clackamas, Deschutes, Jackson, Lane, Linn, Marion, Multnomah, and Washington (the “Oregon Courts”). The Oregon Courts cover large swathes of the Portland metropolitan area, a major commercial and cultural epicenter in which over 2.2 million citizens reside and conduct business.

With the addition of the new Oregon Courts, Lex Machina now includes over 230,000 civil cases filed in Oregon courts that serve a majority of the population of Oregon. These are significant venues for state court litigation in Oregon, particularly for cases involving contracts, torts, property, and other civil matters.

Oregon Court filters

Lex Machina provides valuable data-driven insights about judges, law firms, individual attorneys, and parties in state courts. The Oregon Courts incorporate notable features such as filters for trial rulings, trial resolutions, and trial damages. They also incorporate an extensive collection of case types and document tags, including document tags for jury verdicts, complaints, answers, judgments, and orders. Additionally, litigators can use our cross-court filters to conduct state-wide searches and get new quantified, multi-court analytics on judges, courts, law firms, attorneys, and parties. Legal professionals can leverage these unique parameters to further derive insights to win more cases and more business.

Oregon Courts summary

With our new Oregon Courts module, you can quickly and efficiently discover insights such as the following data trends for cases filed between January 1, 2016 and December 31, 2022:

  • Over $100 million in total damages was awarded at trial, excluding attorneys’ fees, in Multnomah County.
  • Top law firms representing Defendants in medical malpractice cases filed in Multnomah, Washington, and Lane counties include Hart Wagner, Lindsay Hart, Keating Jones Hughes, Lewis Brisbois Bisgaard & Smith, and Brisbee & Stockton.
  • The median time to trial is 441 days in Multnomah county, compared to 350 and 384 days in Washington and Lane counties, respectively. The median time to case termination, after excluding debt collection cases, is 215 days in Multnomah county, compared to 210 and 277 days, in Washington and Lane counties, respectively.
  • Using our party industry filter, the top parties in Oregon that belong to the Consumer Goods and Services industry are Nike, WCP, Unifirst Corporation, Ferguson Enterprises, New System Laundry, LLC.

Lex Machina allows users to filter in order to find the most relevant cases with filters that include the following:

  • Document Tags – Answer, Complaint, Judgment, Jury Verdict, Order
  • Trial Damages – General Damages (Judgment on the Merits), General Damages (Jury Verdict), Attorneys’ Fees / Costs
  • Trial Rulings – Bench Trial, Jury Verdict, Consent Judgment, Default Judgment, Other Judgment
  • Trial Resolutions – Plaintiff Win, Defendant Win, Likely Settlement, Procedural


Oregon Courts timing

Lex Machina gathers raw information from state court cases, including downloading millions of state court documents, to present the most comprehensive and accurate data possible. Both new and existing Legal Analytics users will appreciate the easy-to-use interface that lets them access a wealth of new state court features including:

  • Understanding timing to key litigation milestones
  • Analyzing the record of a specific judge, law firm, attorney, or party
  • Reviewing previous trial resolutions, trial damages, and trial rulings for case strategy
  • Court-specific filters such as case types and case tags
  • Keyword searching within docket entry text and downloaded documents, as well as across state courts
  • Viewing analytics across all state courts or in one particular court

The Oregon Courts join the other state court modules already available on Lex Machina, comprising a current total of 57 state courts. The addition of the Oregon Courts adds over 230,000 civil court cases filed since January 2016 to Lex Machina’s state court database, bringing our total number of state court cases to over 4.2 million. We are proud to reach this important milestone in our state court journey.

Depending on your subscription, users can access the Oregon Courts data now.

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