The Lex Machina team is excited to launch Litigation Footprint, a groundbreaking expansion that provides the broadest available Legal Analytics coverage of litigation track records of parties across the United States.

With Litigation Footprint, Lex Machina now offers Legal Analytics on the litigation history of companies in over 27 million cases filed in 94 federal district courts and over 1,300 state courts, built on a foundation of the best coverage of electronically available courts. This data includes Lex Machina’s complete coverage of federal district courts and enhanced state court coverage, along with new expanded basic state court coverage, together constituting the broadest Legal Analytics coverage available.

On Lex Machina’s platform, users can now unlock a trove of visual insights into the litigation landscape. Lex Machina provides side-by-side comparisons of case data from federal and state courts alongside new visually stunning analytics and comprehensive reports.


With a few clicks, our users can employ Litigation Footprint to leverage the broadest Legal Analytics coverage available. They can instantly map the litigation history of parties in order to illuminate the relationships, trends, and insights that can’t be derived anywhere else, but which are crucial to crafting successful litigation strategies, winning more cases, and closing more business.

Depending on your subscription, users can access Litigation Footprint now.

To learn more, contact our sales team.