A recent article in CIO Applications discusses what happened when the disruptive effect of the pandemic extended to all areas of the legal profession. The article describes how Lex Machina stepped forward to aid the legal community by leveraging its position as a leading provider of legal analytics, in order to keep the legal industry apprised of updates in the court system. By releasing the COVID-19 Impact Analyzer App, with a version available to the general public, Lex Machina was able to provide unique legal analytics that delivered critical insights into federal litigation and court activity during the pandemic. Karl Harris, CEO of Lex Machina, observes that “this is the only Legal Analytics product out there that is efficiently and accurately analyzing what the pandemic is doing to the federal court system. With our COVID App, people no longer have to speculate what the effect of COVID-19 has been on the legal profession.”

In addition, the article notes that Lex Machina also retrieves state court data related to the pandemic and provides data-driven analysis into how COVID-19 has affected state court and case activity, such as in this blog post. The article observes that in the face of a changed world and disrupted legal sector, Lex Machina continues to prioritize supporting and updating the legal community with its unique legal analytics and data-driven insights.

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