Lex Machina is proud to reach a momentous milestone of expanding its enhanced coverage of state courts to 100 courts with the addition of Suffolk County Supreme Court and Westchester County Supreme Court (the “New York Courts”) and Oklahoma County District Court (the “Oklahoma Court”).

With these new enhanced courts, Lex Machina now provides enhanced Legal Analytics coverage of 62% of the population of New York and 59% of the population of Oklahoma.

Notable features of Lex Machina’s enhanced state court coverage include filters for rulings and damages at trial, trial resolution, as well as an extensive collection of case types and document tags.

To illustrate how Lex Machina’s unique parameters enable users to find the most relevant analytics quickly and easily, we can filter by court and case type to compare Commercial Division cases filed in Nassau, Suffolk and Westchester County Supreme Courts. This will take us instantly to analytics that show only 7 of these 5919 cases had damages awarded by a Jury:


Similarly, we can use Lex Machina’s powerful party industry filter to quickly assess filing trends in cases implicating New York’s nursing home operators in the aftermath of the pandemic.  From the filing chart below, we see that these filings peaked in 2022 and are now trending downward.


If desired, we can dig even deeper into the analytics shown in the above search results by clicking on the “Parties” tab and running a Parties Report to see the top 10 defendants in these nursing home cases:


One of the most valuable metrics provided by Lex Machina’s enhanced state court analytics are timing for key milestones that are instrumental in setting case strategy and client expectations.

Looking at Oklahoma State as an example, when we filter to Torts cases that reach the trial phase in Oklahoma and Tulsa County District Courts, Tulsa County had significantly shorter median time to trial (less 121 days) compared to Oklahoma County District Court, as shown by the timing charts below. 




Examples of additional filters for Lex Machina’s enhanced state court coverage include:

  • Document Tags – Order re: Summary Judgment, Jury Verdict, Complaint, Answer, Judgment
  • Trial Damages – General Damages (Judgment on the Merits), General Damages (Jury Verdict), Attorneys’ Fees / Costs
  • Trial Rulings – Bench Trial, Jury Verdict, Consent Judgment, Default Judgment, Other Judgment
  • Trial Resolutions – Plaintiff Win, Defendant Win, Likely Settlement, Procedural

State court expansion remains a top priority at Lex Machina. These state courts join the other state courts already available on Lex Machina, bringing the total to 100 enhanced state courts, along with over 1,200 additional state courts provided via our Litigation Footprint feature. We plan to release more state court modules throughout the coming months.

Depending on your subscription, users can access the New York and Oklahoma Courts data now.

To learn more, contact our sales team.