During the first week of 2021, Legalweek was launched online. Amidst the speaker events and booths, Lex Machina’s own Karl Harris (CEO) and Carla Rydholm (Director of Product Management) conducted a session entitled “Litigation Analytics in a New Era of Data-Driven Law.”

Karl and Carla took attendees through an insightful and informative discussion on the advantages and applications of Lex Machina’s Legal Analytics. They included several demonstrations of the platform, interspersed with sharing results from a recent survey on Legal Analytics. Karl noted that one key takeaway from the survey was that “when using Legal Analytics in the business of law, it’s about demonstrating your expertise to clients and competitive intelligence, and for the practice of law, it’s about gaining competitive insights, case assessment, and determining case strategy.”

Karl and Carla closed the session with discussions on the future of Legal Analytics. Carla observed that “data can empower legal advice by anchoring decisions with all the information. Litigation analytics bring openness and transparency to the practice of law through access. The court records are there – by transforming them into analytics, it allows more practitioners, more people to follow what’s happened before in the courts and gain insights into what’s going on.”

Karl predicted that “what’s going to happen in the next few years is more and more courts in various jurisdictions are going to come online. So right now, for example, we cover federal courts and we cover lots of state courts, but our mission at Lex Machina is to bring Legal Analytics to all areas of the law. And that includes all state courts as more state courts come online and have their information available. And it also will include expansion into international jurisdictions, some of which are available now, but some will become available online [later]. So I think one of the biggest trends we’ll see will be more availability of information around courts in the next few years, and Lex Machina will be right there with analytics.”