Confirmation hearings began this week on the nomination of Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson to the Supreme Court. A historical moment in the making, Judge Jackson stands poised to become the first Black female Supreme Court justice to take the bench. As the nation follows the confirmation hearings, the Senate Judiciary Committee will examine Judge Jackson’s judicial record before casting their vote.

Lex Machina has used its Legal Analytics to create a new datasheet surveying Judge Jackson’s judicial record during her tenure as a district court judge in the U.S. District Court for the District of Columbia (the “D.D.C.”). The datasheet includes data-driven insights such as the following:

  • A sneak peek into Lex Machina’s upcoming appellate analytics reveals that Judge Jackson’s reversal rate was 26.8%.
  • Judge Jackson’s reversal rate was lower than the D.D.C.’s median reversal rate of 27.5%.
  • During Judge Jackson’s tenure as district court judge in the D.D.C., she presided over 1,278 civil cases (excluding prisoner rights and social security cases).
  • Judge Jackson heard 5% of the total number of D.D.C. cases during her tenure and was one of the top five most active judges during that time.
  • For terminated cases, the median time to termination was 284 days (under a year).
  • Of 1,015 terminated cases, 49% were resolved by likely settlement, 34% were resolved by procedural resolution, 8% were resolved in a claimant win, and 9% were resolved in a claim defendant win.
  • Judge Jackson awarded total damages of over $48 million over her tenure, primarily driven by $42 million in torts damages awarded in 2020 in the case of Doe v. Syrian Arab Republic.

View our datasheet for more information.