Lex Machina is proud to announce that we have updated our Quick Tools (formerly known as Apps). We wanted to take the opportunity to highlight the power of these Quick Tools, which is a feature that is exclusive to Lex Machina.

Our Quick Tools allows you to ask a complex question and obtain a clear and detailed answer instantly with the click of a button. In developing our Quick Tools, we focused on anticipating the most frequently asked questions from our customers and sought to provide them with immediate rich data-driven answers. They are easy to use and an excellent starting point on the platform for any inquiry or research project.

Lex Machina’s Quick Tools include comparators, explorers, analyzers, and assessors and can help you quickly and effectively complete tasks such as:

  • Displaying your experience against a competitor’s
  • Uncovering the weaknesses in your opposing team
  • Conducting a unique side-by side comparison of lawyers and law firms, parties, courts or judges
  • Assessing the litigation risk involved in a new matter
  • Analyzing the experience and track records of a new team of attorneys


Quick Tools produces specific visualizations derived from our data, which has been cleaned and enhanced by our proprietary technology and attorney review. We download millions of court documents that serve as the content foundation for creating the highest caliber data for judges, law firms, attorneys, and parties. This ensures that practitioners have access to the most complete, comprehensive, and accurate analytics available.

Our updated Quick Tools are included for Lex Machina users. To learn more about maximizing your Legal Analytics power with Quick Tools, contact your Sales Director or sales@lexmachina.com. For any other questions, comments, or feedback please contact support@lexmachina.com.